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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education centre. The space is temporarily closed.

This website has served as an online archive since 2022.

FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio. All rights reserved.

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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education center located in both Taiwan and USA. Established since 2014, FOGSTAND aims to promote and exhibit rigorous creative projects that maintain the ability to channel into a broader emphasis on creative education throughout eastern Taiwan. Attentive to its unique context, FOGSTAND’s primary focus is on bringing contemporary creative practices into a reciprocal exchange with local communities.

©2014-2024 FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio. All rights reserved. 

2019-2021 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

2018-2019 program sponsored by VAF through Midway Contemporary Art (USA), Taiwan Film Institue, Taiwan Cultural Center in New York, Minstry of Culture (Taiwan)

2014-2017 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

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This website has served as an online archive for FOGSTAND since 2022.

Exhibition on view: 03/21 - 05/31/2015
Opening : 03/21/2015, 1-5pm
Venue: FOGSTAND @ Hualien, Taiwan

Chun Kaifeng
Richard Frater

FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio, in collaboration with Latent Spaces, Singapore, is pleased to announce the exhibition: Absolving the Object: Richard Frater and Kaifeng Chun.

Authenticity. Authenticity so pulverized that it now swirls in and around the self-effacing mimicry of being-material. A self-objectification in hopes to object to the inauthenticity of consumerism. The non-human-interfaced depiction of materiality is envisaged as a domain untainted by inauthentic relational forces motivated by systemic as well as individual speculation, prediction, and diversification.

Never-the-less, a subject inevitably rises to the top and - like oil brought up and atop water - we still catch a remarkable glimpse of the suspension of the self made possible by the objection of objects becoming “subjectivised”. Objects are objects in that they operate to object our attempt to absorb their often errant operations with our own.

Imagine the scene in Fantasia where Mickey Mouse brings to life brooms, mops and other objects to help him clean his master’s castle. The brooms and mops begin to move around and do their respectively built-in operations, sweeping, mopping and the like. In this exhibition, the inverse occurs, the artists instead become objects by taking on their subject’s properties, resulting in a cross-fire of appearances.

In short, the artists in this exhibition address operations assigned to materiality while their curator seeks to praise material outcomes that churn out inverted gerundial takes on portraiture.1

1. Gerund: A non-finite verb form that is derived from a verb but that functions as a noun, in english ending in -ing