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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education centre located in both Taiwan and USA.

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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education center located in both Taiwan and USA. Established since 2014, FOGSTAND aims to promote and exhibit rigorous creative projects that maintain the ability to channel into a broader emphasis on creative education throughout eastern Taiwan. Attentive to its unique context, FOGSTAND’s primary focus is on bringing contemporary creative practices into a reciprocal exchange with local communities.

©2014-2022 FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio. All rights reserved. 

2019-2021 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

2018-2019 program sponsored by VAF through Midway Contemporary Art (USA), Taiwan Film Institue, Taiwan Cultural Center in New York, Minstry of Culture (Taiwan)

2014-2017 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

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Hualien, Taiwan

St. Paul, Minnesota


Taiwan —
By taxi:
You can take any local taxi from Hualien International Airport or Hualien Train Station in 5-15mins. The destination is Jiali Village or Hualien Carrefore.  

By train:
The nearest station is Beipu Station. Or you can stop at Hualien Train Station to take taxi or bus. The destination is Jiali Village or Hualien Carrefore.  

By bus:
Hualien Bus Route 1126/1129/1132/1133/1136/1141
North Line (via Taiwan Line 9, Taiwan Line 8, Zhongheng Highway). Stop destination is Jiali Village.

By biking or driving:
From Hualien International Airport
Take front exit --> drive to Taiwan Line 9 towards south --> When you see Hualien Carrefore, turn right to enter Jiali 2nd St. --> turn right on the first intersection --> enter from Jiali 2nd St. No.16 Alley

From Hualien Train Station
Take front exit --> drive to ZhongShan Road and turn right --> connect to Section 4 ZhongYang Road and turn left --> connect to Taiwan Line 9 --> When you see Hualien Carrefore, turn left to enter Jiali 2nd St. --> turn right on the first intersection --> enter from Jiali 2nd St. No.16 Alley

By Metro Transit
Green line or Blue line from both downtown St. Pual or downtown Minneapolis. Hamline Ave Station. Walk towards Hamline Ave --> turn left on Charles Ave --> turn right on Pascal St.

By biking or driving
Once arrive on the intersection of Pascal St. and University Ave, turn into Pascal St. and see the signage outside the garage door. Enter from the garage door located on Pascal St.

By bus
Route 16/21
Universtiy Ave. & Pascal St.


Taiwan —
You can park next to our space in the alley or park on the Jiali 2nd Street for free.

You can park on Pascal Street for free.


Taiwan —
No.12-1, Jiali 2nd St., Xincheng Township, 971 Hualien County, Taiwan
(near Carrefour)

1456 Edmund Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104


+886 38 261475 (office)
070-1000-0649 (gallery/studio)


Visit by appointment only. Required wearing masks regardless of vaccination status during the visit at gallery space.


Please feel free to contact us concerning workshop proposals, venue rental, or other projects, both within the bounds of art and design and in keeping with our overall ethos.

Also do not forget to leave your name, subject, contact information when inquiring. Our contact email is

Field Experience, Internship & Volunteering

Field experiences, Internships and Volunteering provide an excellent opportunity to broaden knowledge, gain employment experience and receive credits for students majoring in the the visual arts or individuals looking to share their time by supporting the arts within their own communities.

FOGSTAND is pleased to be able to provide such opportunities and experiences for students  and members of the community wishing to expand their familiarity in the day to day operations of a non-profit contemporary art gallery. Students obtaining field experience and volunteers sharing their time with FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio will engage with the following activities: Exhibition planning, Gallery administration, Insight into the various aspects of curation, Correspondences with artists, be it in person or in writing, PR development and execution, Achieving an active Social Media presence, Installation and de-installation of exhibitions, Handling and shipping of artworks, Learning lighting techniques, Maintaining gallery space, Engaging and informing visitors

HOURS & DURATION: The breakdown of the hours per month/week will fluctuate based off the ebbs and flows of the programming.

If you are interested in being taking on an internship, developing important field experience or sharing your passion for art at FOGSTAND, please send the following:

Field Experience and Internships: A single PDF document containing a cover letter outlining your interest our space, goals for your field experience/internship and relevant history pertaining to the arts or community FOGSTAND resides in. In addition please include a current resume (no more than 2 pages). Send these materials to

Volunteers: Send us an email at Please include your interest in our space, your history pertaining to the arts and/or the community and any skills or experience that may help FOGSTAND best utilise your generosity.

Note to Volunteers: Interested volunteers will be placed into a pool and emails will be sent out at times of need. There is no fixed level of participation, yet with a growing pool of generous volunteers, FOGSTAND may be able to expand the scope of our events, projects and collaborations.