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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education centre located in both Taiwan and USA.

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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education center located in both Taiwan and USA. Established since 2014, FOGSTAND aims to promote and exhibit rigorous creative projects that maintain the ability to channel into a broader emphasis on creative education throughout eastern Taiwan. Attentive to its unique context, FOGSTAND’s primary focus is on bringing contemporary creative practices into a reciprocal exchange with local communities.

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2019-2021 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

2018-2019 program sponsored by VAF through Midway Contemporary Art (USA), Taiwan Film Institue, Taiwan Cultural Center in New York, Minstry of Culture (Taiwan)

2014-2017 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

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Speicial Thanks

FOGSTAND’s programming is made possible by the support of many generous individual donors whose ongoing friendship is vital to our organization.

Support From

Many thanks to the following foundations, companies and individuals for their support of FOGSTAND.

From foundations and companies —

National Culture and Art Foundation, Taiwan
Taiwan Film Institute
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
(administered by Midway Contemporary Art in Minnesota)
Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
Queen’s Museum
University of Wisconsin-Stout, Furlong Gallery
Hualien Second-hand used bookshop
Hualien Fund for Children and Families

From individual giving —

Bawki Angaw
Eve Chen
Li-Ya Wang
Jing-Yi Lin
Jing-Yuan Chen
Jia-Zhou Jiang
Shiu-Feng Tong
Shiu-Ying Chen
Yu-Ying Lin
Yao-Cheng Jiang


FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is run by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers, all of whom come together to deliver all aspects of the organization's program. All levels of support currently go—in their entirety—to the payment of invited artists, guest creative practitioners, events and exhibition materials that go into the continued programming of FOGSTAND. In short, any and all support goes back into the livelihoods of our local community of creative people, or make possible the presence of crucial cultural experiences from elsewhere, be they regionally, nationally or internationally.

Please consider making our efforts possible by a financial donation, by donating art books or art materials, equipment relating to gallery exhibitions, events or workshops, subscribing to our newsletter and/or volunteering your person, your abilities, or your facilities (i.e. a workshop, a studio, a kiln, etc).  

Make a Donation

One-Time Donation

$NTD 100     / $USD 5
$NTD 300    / $USD 10
$NTD 500    / $USD 20
$NTD 1000  / $USD 50
$NTD 3000 / $USD 100
$NTD 5000 / $USD 200
Other amount

Recurring Monthly Donation

$NTD 50      / $USD 2
$NTD 100    / $USD 5
$NTD 300   / $USD 10
$NTD 500   / $USD 20
$NTD 1000 / $USD 50t

If you would like to support us via financial donation, please contact us via emai first.

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