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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education centre. The space is temporarily closed.

This website has served as an online archive since 2022.

FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio. All rights reserved.

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FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit art space and creative education center located in both Taiwan and USA. Established since 2014, FOGSTAND aims to promote and exhibit rigorous creative projects that maintain the ability to channel into a broader emphasis on creative education throughout eastern Taiwan. Attentive to its unique context, FOGSTAND’s primary focus is on bringing contemporary creative practices into a reciprocal exchange with local communities.

©2014-2024 FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio. All rights reserved. 

2019-2021 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

2018-2019 program sponsored by VAF through Midway Contemporary Art (USA), Taiwan Film Institue, Taiwan Cultural Center in New York, Minstry of Culture (Taiwan)

2014-2017 program sponsored by NCAF (Taiwan)

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This website has served as an online archive for FOGSTAND since 2022.

Weekend Workshop

#2: Raven In the Swamps Dance Performance

Date & Time:
2015.12.12-12.20 (Every weekend, 4-8pm)
Section 1 : 2015.12.12, Sat., 4-8pm
Section 2 : 2015.12.13, Sun., 4-8pm
Section 3 : 2015.12.19, Sat., 4-8pm (change to 2-6pm)
Section 4 : 2015.12.20, Sun., 4-8pm (change to 2-6pm)

This workshop is 4 hours per section. It will continue for at least 4 weeks.
You don't have to attend every section.

No.12-1 Jiali Sec. St., Xincheng Township, 971 Hualien County (near Carrefour) or other random tourism spots closed by

How to register:
Method 1 : Please download registration form and complete to fill in and send back via email or drop in person at studio.
Method 2 : call us and tell us your name, contact phone number, email and each section and date you want to attend.
Method 3 : register online by yourself.

phone: +886 38 261475 or 070-1000-0649
Deadline of registration : 6pm, 2015.12.11 Friday

Fee: Free

Available for (audience):
Total acceptable workshop attendants is only open to 8 persons at this time for maintaining the quality of workshop. For those age range above 18 years old who are interested in dance, performance, meditation and costume design, welcome to join this performance workshop with Joo Choon Lin from Singapore. FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio encourage local residents to attend this workshop with us. Each section is only available to 2 participants. The height of each participant must be taller than 150cm in order to dress up with Joo’s dance performance costume properly.

Please Note:
1. The course includes all materials. We only accept qualified attendants via registration methods for this workshop.
2. Please keep your mind open to join with us.
3. When you decide to register, please remind us which date you want to attend precisely.
4. For maintaining course quality, we only can accept 6 persons in one course in one time. If the course is full of registration, we won’t take more registration for that course. We will notify you if you get selected to join this workshop with us via phone until Dec. 11th, 2015.
5. After workshop finishing, we may hold another exhibition for result presentation in the future. FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio keeps the right of changing any contents related to this workshop or future exhibition or any other activities related to this event and workshop. If there is any changing, we will post online via our official Facebook page. The exhibition for this workshop currently sets up during December 26th to February 29th, 2016.

**This workshop is already concluded.
Joo chooses specific sites including busy famous tourism or historical spots, such as Qixingtan Beach, National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, Villa 18, and so on to create highly contradictory hierarchy and contrast between tourists, community people, and outsiders. There is an absurd quality of it between people and land during the performance. It stirs up lots of attention and questions in terms of tourism development in Hualien particularly. She also did some research about indigenous people’s music and how indigenous people being seen and valued in society generally to inspire her to create serious works for performance and exhibition.

Across the desolate swamps of these wastelands; today, you people are no longer maggots. You will emerge from your chrysalis, a new tautness of mind, from the deadly emanations of this performance. Your perforated sonar will scavenge on the acrid remains of swampland flesh and soul in concerto unison – accelerando! fortissimo! presto!... Behold, The Abdominal Bass Cavern of a Stricken Heart! Listen well, feast and fester, or turn on your heels and go back like a raven reincarnated in regret.

— by Joo Choon Lin