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Guerrilla Language:

WHERE YOU GO I GO TOO: Field Recording as Cartography


FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is excited to announce Guerrilla Language: WHERE YOU GO I GO TOO: Field Recording as Cartography, taking place from October to November 2016.


Guerrilla Language: WHERE YOU GO I GO TOO: Field Recording as Cartography continues FOGSTAND’s interest in place making/unmaking by attempting to re-engage the identity of aboriginal language through the concepts and methods of current “post-historical” contemporary art practices. Although difficult and atypical, it is rewarding to see how contemporary art’s struggle with self-definition can inspire the re-definition of aboriginal identity, by and for aboriginals.


While the previous Guerrilla Language Projects used methods such as Cut-Ups and Readymades, Guerrilla Language: WHERE YOU GO I GO TOO: Field Recording as Cartography will draw inspiration from the concept of the Field Recording, most famously used as sound effects in popular movies by people known as Foley Artists. While Field Recording has a rich tradition of preserving traditional culture (Ren Da), the Foley Artist as Field Recording Artist is more pervasive and invisible. So in order to fuse the two practices together, FOGSTAND is proposing a month long project that seeks out to highlight the “sound effects” that go on to complete the visual identity of Jai-Li village. It is often easier and more urgent to think of a town needing a visual map (google) in order to aid in people, both inside and outside, accessing and/or exiting a town. However, we often forget to think how sound plays a vital role into the imaging of a location. So, with the help of the local residents of Jai-Li village, FOGSTAND is working to create an audio-only map of Jai-Li village.


The actual program will consist in a month long project/performance realized within both the workshop space the gallery space by the local children and teenagers of Jai-Li Township. By utilizing professional sound recording and editing equipment/software, the project will take participants out into their village in order to capture a diverse selection of field recordings. Beyond simply recording the sound of, say, a hum of an air conditioner, the participant will also be required to fill out a form that catalogues the location of the sound, time of recording, the type of sound (natural or manmade), frequency of sound (continuous or only once a day) and other important information. These sounds will then be annotated onto a village map displayed in the workshop space. The result will be an enjoyable and informative sampling of the ambiance that makes the audio or Jai-Li’s visual presentation. In addition, and in keeping with the Foley Artist, the separation of sound from site will result in some sounds seeming entirely alien without context, or some will accurately evoke an image of the site.


While the workshop space will be buzzing with activity, including a fully annotated map of all the sounds captured by the participants that will refer to a binder containing all the forms that detail the recording information, the actual gallery will be visually empty. Instead, the gallery will be occupied by a random selection of sound recordings firing off at regular intervals. The result will be a sensory experience of all the sounds that go on to make Jai-Li, and in so doing, FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio.


Date & Time:

2016.10.15-11.13 (Every weekend)

11am show up

12am-6pm activity time


This workshop is 2 hours per section. It will continue for at least 3 weeks.

Each section is open up to 4 participants.



No.12-1 Jiali Sec. St., Xincheng Township, 971 Hualien County (near Carrefour)


How to register:

Method 1 : Please download registration form and complete to fill in and send back via email or drop in person at studio.

Method 2 : call us and tell us your name, contact phone number, email and each section and date you want to attend.

Method 3 : register on-line by yourself.


phone: +886 38 261475 or 070-1000-0649




Deadline of registration : 6pm, 2016.10.13 Thursday


FEE:  Free


Available for (audience):

This workshop mainly is open for local residents located in Jiali Village.

For those age range above 18 years old who are interested in sound producing, sound recording or community field reserach, welcome to join this workshop with FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio. For each section, the maximum capacity is 4 participants at one time for maintaining the quality of workshop.


Please Note:

1. The course includes all materials. We only accept qualified attendants via registration methods for this workshop.

2. Please keep your mind open to join with us.

3. When you decide to register, please remind us which date you want to attend precisely.

4. For maintaining course quality, we only can accept 4 persons per section in one time. If the course is full of registration, we won’t take more registration for that course. We will notify you if you get selected to join this workshop with us via phone until Oct. 14th, 2016.

5. After workshop finishing, we may hold another exhibition for result presentation in the future. FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio keeps the right of changing any contents related to this workshop or future exhibition or any other activities related to this event and workshop. If there is any changing, we will post on-line via our official Facebook page.



**This workshop is already concluded. Please go to our official facebook to find out more.



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