The Force of Light Lifting:

to the past, present and future (without being seen nor kept)

En-Man Chang


11/14/2015 - 12/20/2015

FOGSTAND Gallery & Studio is pleased to announce the visual culmination of Chang En-Man’s residency period: The Force of Light Lifting: to the past, present and future (without being seen nor kept). 1


The Force of Light Lifting: to the past, present and future (without being seen nor kept) presents a fraction of the all-encompassing series of events, run-ins and workshops held during Chang En-Man’s time in Jia-Li Village. The result utilizes properties from curation, education, workshops, installation art and performance in order to unearth, present, and represent any remaining sense left in the locational.



When I woke up on the second day of the workshop, I noticed how messy the space was becoming. I don’t know why, but I felt happy about it. I believe the happiness was due, in large part, to knowing that I didn’t have to clean up right away. This space was —for the time being— no longer an exhibition venue, but, instead, my home. At the same time, I could not help but feel how unreal it was, this concept of an resident artist.


The actual residency exhibition began in those initial moments of the first workshop. The venue. The context. The people. All those comings and goings, replacing one another and, with it, the meaning of creative process. Taken even further, those who came here were rendering an open image that is the event, itself. An actively rendered event that contains —within it— an image of Taiwan through the chance found in Jia-Li Village. Small and seemingly inconsequential motions that only thicken into a meaningful density by each successive person participating.


- Chang En-Man



Chang, En-Man Born in Taitung, Taiwan. Lives and works in Taipei.

In the beginning, Chang En-Man found her own identity as the trigger for her aspirations, embarking on a journey across the island of Taiwan. Visiting numerous indigenous tribes and experiencing many moment-to-moment impressions of the larger socio-geographical texture of Taiwan, Chang En-Man attempts to unearth the complex “food-chain-like” interconnections of localities in order to portray some resemblance, no matter how transient, of the cultural landscape.


Living under the many dissolving borders caused by globalization and the ideological mechanisms of dominant culture, the artist's body shifts and strikes —via guerrilla tactics— within these physical boundaries. Chang En-Man’s work is an active embodiment of the contemplation of a reality reflected by a lack of any societal aggregate. In addition, Chang En-Man is engaged in the mapping of her own self, for the artist is always expanding the overall figuration of the community and/or the world.


Special Thanks:

Tien Ming Chang, Dong Hwa Corner Art Festival, ToGetherFun, Jia-Li local residents, volunteers, coworkers and workshop participants


Text / Darren Tesar

Photography / Jing-Yi Lin


1. For more information about the “Artist as Resident” program, please click here.


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