Pink Man : Origins

Samuel Weinberg


04/29 - 06/24/2017

About Exhibition : “Pink Man - Origins”


“…There was a Post-It Note on each piece sent to me with the supposed date of creation written on it, with the earliest date being 1966- and that's just of the selection of works he's sent me- not considering whatever else he has in his collection nor what he hasn't found. And, accompanying these works, underneath the pile of Japanese Pink Man pieces, there was a note6• It read: “There’re more where these came from…keep digging. Also, don’t waste your time trying to finder contact me, trust me, you can’t. Dr. Bruno Federico”


So, there's that, ukeep digging", thanks Doc.


I do not know what this means; I do not know what it means in regards to the work I've been making for the last two years7, I do not know what it means in regards to the possibility that these beings might actually be real, and I certainly do not know what an Italian Doctor has to do with it all. What I do know, is that everything is different now and there is much work to be done, and that, presently, I'm extremely pleased to present the first show of Japanese Iterations of the Pink Man. These include the first known depictions of the exuberant, cycloptic, gummy beings, although the individuals who made them, presumably artists that were/are underground or outsider in nature, are unfortunately unknown…”


— Samual Weinberg


About Artist :


Samual Weinberg’s paintings depict strange, uncertain narratives where relationships are tentative and seemingly connected events refuse to acknowledge if they indeed are. Alongside his main works, which are oil paintings that follow the travels and travails of the "Pink Man (Men)", are assisting elements- sometimes artifacts other times video or written elements- that seem to have emerged from the painting’s world into our own and are ostensibly physical evidence of the painting’s events. These parallels, repetitions, echoes, and materializations challenge other elements in the narrative as well as the interplay between fiction and reality.


Weinberg was awarded a Jerome Foundation Fellowship in 2015/16 and has recently received a MN Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant. He has shown his work in solo shows at Soo Visual Arts Center and Gallery 13, in Minneapolis, and Thierry Goldberg Gallery’s Project Room in New York City. He received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin–Stout. Weinberg currently lives and works in St. Paul.



Instagram: @samual_weinberg




Photo by Jing-Yi Lin


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