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Joo Choon Lin


07/14 - 08/05/2018

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A Solo Exhibition & Theatrical Play by Joo Choon Lin


Opening: July 14th @ 7PM

Performance: July 14th @ 8PM, July 15th @ 2PM

Exhibition On View: July 14th - August 5th, 2018


Exhibition & Play By Joo Choon Lin

Based on the Play “The Hind” By Leslie Scalapino

Cast: Dustin Steuck, Jennifer Nevitt, Kai Ajamu Joy, Saulaman Schlegel, Peaches Wojahn

Exhibition Book By Magdalen Chua

Music By Joe NG


FOGSTAND is pleased to announce a solo exhibition and theatrical play by Singaporean artist Joo Choon Lin. There will be two performances—loosely based on Leslie Scalapino’s play “The Hind—one on the evening of July 14th (8PM) and one on the afternoon of the 15th (2PM). Following the performances, the remaining installation will be on display until August 5th.


Underlying Joo Choon Lin’s practice is her philosophical interest in the nature of reality which might be summarized in terms of the philosophers’ longstanding investigation into the relations between appearance and essence. Choon Lin’s own investigation into these questions is also informed by her interest in technological developments: as the various technologies of representation devise new ways of capturing the likeness of things, so the quality of the surfaces of these things undergoes a transformation. Consequently, reality itself appears as if reconfigured. She has been experimenting with a range of materials and media as a means to examine the relations between visual and tactile experiences.


Special Thanks: Claire Decklever, Jennifer Nevitt, John Wilhelm, Kyleah Rusch


Click the link here to watch video trailer


Click the link here to watch performance documentation video


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